WorldAround You

The BLINK 360 Live let you record and stream the world around you. It has ergonomic
design, smaller in size and easy to plug & play. The Blink 360 Live app sanctions you to
switch up views in a few taps, and take you live on social media by the app.

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Broadcast Moments with Live 360

Live recording flashes moments you want to share with family and friends, whether
it's a special event or just a look into your day-to-day activities. It's simple to set
up: just download Blink app on your smartphone. Easily plug the device and enjoy
the live stream.

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Change The View

The BLINK 360 Live is made to clasp the actions all around you and its domain figure. The twofold
cameras creates aesthetic different views. So when you're in the medium of exploration, it's a
breeze to capture the moment in its entirety.

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